Cyber Bullying   Although advancements in technology provide a great deal of opportunities with regard to classroom teaching and learning, over recent years we have seen a dangerous trend forming around cyber bullying. I believe this a serious issue and without tactics to combat this epidemic, children and adults alike will continue to suffer the consequences […]

Social Constructivism Today, teaching and learning is evolving towards a practice that is ‘student centred’, rather than ‘teacher centred’. As Oluwafisayo (2010) explains, teachers are there to facilitate learning and offer guidance and support as they assist children in building on previous knowledge and experience to create new knowledge. Social constructivism relies on the theory that […]

E Learning

As I study towards becoming a teacher, I often think about my experience in the classroom as a child. We had one computer in our classroom when I was in grade 6, none of my classmates had a mobile phone (let alone a smart phone) and I am sure that at this point, not every […]

Promoting Intellectual Quality with an IWB

When looking across the years, there has certainly been a noticeable shift in the way technology is being used in classrooms. It is important to note that technology is forever evolving and changing. Our role, as teachers, is to enhance our students’ learning by utilising these technologies in a functional and effective way. Furthermore, it […]